The '64 Dodge Polara Convertible Page

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I was so lucky to find this car! It was in my neighborhood just 5-6 blocks from my house in a backyard on blocks where it had been for 10 yrs.   I first saw it through the spaces in a wooden fence as I was driving by one summer day in 1993. I immediately stopped and looked over the fence and saw it was a convertible! I then stopped by this house just about every day for the next week till I finally caught the owner at home. I asked him 2 questions: Are you willing to sell the old Dodge to someone who wants to make it a car again? and 2 Do you want more than $500. for it. He said yes and no. I was a very happy man and told him I'd be back in the next month after I saved some money. 3 weeks later I went back and we settled on $350. To get it out of the yard, we had to take down a section of the fence !

Upon getting it home and cleaning it out (It had many extra parts inside it!) and up, I found I had a pretty solid car, the floor pans were rusty and there were a few holes (some large) but they weren't completely gone. The original 318 was locked. I had a freshly rebuilt '68 440 Magnum that needed a car.  I put the 2 together using a big block push button 727 and a 3.23 Sure-Grip 8 3/4 1965 rearend with modern style drums. Tucked under the front is a fat Addco anti-sway bar and with the BF Goodrich 225/60's on 15x7 copcar wheels this old beast handles fairly well. It also has been upgraded to electronic ignition and a dual reservoir master cylinder.  Here's what it looks like.

PolaraHood open.JPG (165197 bytes)EngineWAC.JPG (154516 bytes)PolFrtLow.JPG (170185 bytes)Rear.JPG (168619 bytes)InsideFront.JPG (164984 bytes)FloorRear.JPG (170429 bytes)

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