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This car and I have a long history together, 20+ years. It was my first car and I drove it to high school and learned much about the birds and the bees in its backseat! From the factory it had a 318 engine and a904 automatic with a 2.76 open rear. The car was originally purchased by a farmer in Mississippi for his daughter to drive to the Univ. of Miss. in Oxford. Eventually this daughter graduated and married and moved to Memphis where she sold the car in 1976 or 1977 to the person I bought it from.

I first saw my Charger, a couple years before I bought it....I was working at a pet store and the manager was a Mopar freak and had a hot rodded Dart. One day this little old lady came in to buy a new bird cage and the manager suggested that I help her by carrying the cage out to her car for her. He remarked that she had a cool car. Well lo and behold I open the backdoor and sitting outside is one of the baddest cars I'd ever seen, a '68 Charger. After gawking over her car for about 10 minutes she left. I was 15 at the time and not into cars at all, but I knew that was one cool car. 2 years later when I was looking for a round body Falcon to be my first car, I found this ad.

When I called the phone number it turned out to be Thelma Foster the same little old lady I'd seen at the pet shop. She was selling the car because she could not see well enough to continue to drive. I went with my Grandpa to look at the car and agreed to buy it for $700. This was in early December 1980.

Within the first 3 months I put headers and a 4 bbl. on the 318 and she was running much better! Soon I started in on a paint job and I painted this bright bluish/purple color, it was quite ugly, and I soon began another paint job. This time I   painted it a '64 Corvette Maroon, this color was all right and it stayed this color until May 2000 when yet another paint job began again.  I'm going to paint it back to the stock color EE1 Military Blue, it's a dark metalflake blue. I'm using PPG Deltron base/clear. The paint supplies cost just over $1000., this was for wash primer and catalyst, EP90LF expoxy sealer and catalyst,K36 primer and catalyst, 1.5 Gal.of DBU base coat and a Gal. of 2002 Clear and a respirator! I plan spraying it myself in my garage. Stay turned to see how this idea turns out. Actually this is working quite well, so far I've sprayed the front valance, bottom of the trunk and hood and the engine compartment and cowl. They've come out quite well. Look here!


ChargerStrip1.JPG (156672 bytes)ChargerPaint2.jpg (163499 bytes) ChargerPaint1.jpg (164960 bytes)CompShiney1.JPG (164294 bytes)fender.jpg

In 1986 my parents offered to give me the '72 Datsun 240Z that they bought new when my dad was selling them. I accepted and gave the Charger to my sister.(under the condition that when she got rid of it she had to offer it to me first.) Shannon drove it until the transmission died and delivered it back to my driveway with only 1st and reverse, she drove it for about 2 years. During which time she added a large dent in the drivers side rear quarter by running the red light at Summer and Broad.

In 1988 the 318 was removed in favor of a  '75 440 (this engine was stock high mileage except for a comp cam 280 cam and a windage tray). I sold the 318 for $100, it still ran great and had 135,000 miles on it. I tried to blow it up, before I decided to sell it, by running it at full throttle in neutral, it only revved to 6500 and sat there running fine for about 4 minutes and wouldn't die! I had never seen or heard an engine throw a rod and I was curious. I still am. Oh well.

Shortly after the 440 went in a 3.91 gear found its way into the rearend. With the Torquer intake on the 440 this combo moved the Charger like never before! In fact I discovered the limitations of the stock fuel line and installed a 1/2" alum line and pickup and high pressure Holley blue fuel pump in trunk to solve the problem of it starving for fuel on extended full throttle runs. It still has the 3.91 but I'm thinking of changing it to a 3.55 or 3.23 for the Hemi.

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